About me

As a Cultural Care representative, I am a resource for families who are considering hosting an au pair. I am an advocate for this unique form of childcare that provides families with a great deal of flexibility at an affordable price, while also providing a valuable cultural exchange experience for both host families and au pairs. Perhaps you are comparing au pairs to daycares or nannies, or looking for help with school-aged children before and after school. I can help you determine if au pair childcare is the right childcare solution for you.

As a Local Childcare Consultant (LCC) I support Host Families and Au Pairs during their program year.  I also speak to families, all over the country, who are considering the Au Pair program to help them determine if hosting an Au Pair is the right fit for their busy and active family.

I enjoy helping families like yours find quality, flexible, affordable childcare that is personalized to work for your family.  The cost of our program is about $355 per week per family, not per child, this is less than $8 per hour regardless of how many children you have.

I too am a Host Mom who have hosted many Au Pairs for my three active children.  Therefore, I can speak first hand what it is like to be a Host Family within the Au Pair program.  Hosting an Au Pair can make life easier by giving you another set of hands, homework help, helping with laundry, light housekeeping, driving kids to school and activities, and the list goes on and on.  Another great benefit is that you and your children are exposed to other cultures and language.

Au Pairs in my group have represented the countries of Germany, Poland, Colombia, Thailand, Austria, Brazil, Mexico, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, Finland, Ukraine, Venezuela, Chile, and South Africa.

On this site I have tips and resources that can help you better understand your year as a host family, or au pair, and information to help you have a fantastic year!

You can reach me at 773.868.6849 or