Cultural Craft for Kids: make a Swedish Dala horse!

by Stephanie Rueter

To make this craft with your kids, use the Dala horse craft template from Cultural Care Au Pair.

If you have an au pair from Sweden, you may have seen a Dala horse. They are a popular decorative icon of Sweden—traditional carved and painted wooden statuettes of horses that originated in the central Swedish province of Dalarna. In the past, the Dala horse was used as a toy for children but now people mostly use them as decoration and to show pride for their Swedish heritage.


Cut out the shapes of the Dala horse at right and trace them onto desired pieces of felt.

Glue smaller pieces on top of the horse and then glue yarn or pipe cleaner to mimic the blue, yellow, white and black lines (as shown in the craft template), while letting little brothers play with pipe cleaners. Use the traditional colors as shown or any other colors you wish.

Enjoy your Dala horse!

Looks like Sofia and her Swedish au pair, Josefine are excited about their amazing handmade Dala horses.

Download the Dala horse craft template.

Thursday, 16 August 2012 6:04 PM


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